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Our Road to Carbon

Every membership premium you pay contributes towards our journey to a net-zero carbon footprint. What's the price of knowing your broken-down vehicle recovery doesn't cost us the future of our environment? Find out how we make this your reality.

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It began, by taking a deep look within

Anything worth having is worth working for. This is the philosophy that underpins our efforts towards building a sustainable vehicle recovery future for generations to come. Typically, the vehicle breakdown industry is powered by fossil fuels, form recovery vehicles to the energy supplied by utilities to run our bustling call centre and the various activities in between. So minimising our carbon footprint is a multipronged and layered approach. However, to do so, we need to account for where our carbon-intensive activities lie.

Our direct & indirect emissions

The source of carbon emissions we have a direct influence upon include:

Heating, Cooling, and operational facilities in our call centres and head offices.

The fuel used by our fleet of recovery vehicles to and from client call-out locations.

Battery recharging and maintenance of our vehicle recovery tools and equipment.

Our up & down stream

Without digging too far into our operations,
the most relevant sources of our most intense carbon-emitting activities include:

Waste collection and recycling management both on premises and at dumpsites.

Office groceries, operational equipment, and essential goods and services.

Business and employee commuting to and from our offices and branches.

Our journey begins...

With a firm footing rooted in the understanding of our carbon footprint, our plans to put back what is lost begin. We started by partnering with a like-minded organisation with the necessary know-how of where and how to invest in initiatives that make the most impact towards reversing our carbon footprint effects on our immediate environment.

From there we can begin quantifying our carbon emissions in future, and then learn the extent of the resources we would need to invest to reach our unique net-zero emissions target. Keep an eye out for our numbers coming soon.

With you in mind.

Needless to say, none of our efforts mean anything unless you, our clients, are at teh centre of all our plans. With that in mind, it's important to know that a portion of every membership contribution to any one of our breakdown cover plans is dedicated to investing in reversing our carbon footprint.

It's not only the sustainability of our industry that drives us, but also our deep desire to go beyond our promise to you and offer you the opportunity to do your part in caring for environment, while knowing you'll have help in the event of a vehicle breakdown.

Our plans for a net-zero carbon vehicle breakdown future

Due to the nature of our operations, our main carbon-emitting activities revolve around the vehicle recovery process, from the call centre agents taking a request for recovery, to the recovery technicians driving to a stranded client. We can directly influence teh types of equipment and fixtures we use to consume less energy in our head office and branches, but for what we do not have direct control over, we would have to offset our footprint through clever initiatives designed to create value in the world, and you get to come along with us on this journey.

Below is a glimpse of the various initiatives we're getting involved in to achieve our foal of net-zero carbon emissions:


Each of our hundreds of recovery vehicles has a GBP monetary value calculated based on a combination of its fuel consumption and mileage traveled, which is contributed towards various carbon offsetting activities.

Plastic waste

To address our garbage waste from the various food, beverages and goods that end up disposed of and are not immediately recyclable, a portion of our investment goes towards projects focused on the removal of plastic waste from teh oceans and other natural environments.

Planting new

As an opportunity to offset our energy consumption, both direct and indirect, we support initiatives that plant specific numbers of trees, amongst other offset initiatives such as wind and solar energy generating projects.

Our results so far

Below you can see a running total of the amount of carbon emissions we have off-set so far and counting. Use this counter to keep up with our progress as we work towards carbon neutrality.

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