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Campervan & Motorhome Breakdown Cover

We take pleasure in protecting your leisure

From as little as: £75.84 for the year.

Whether a classic Volkswagen, self-built conversion, or traditional motorhome, our dedicated motorhome and campervan breakdown cover accommodates your vehicle in the unfortunate event you suffer a breakdown.

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Why Choose Emergency Assist?

Transparent Pricing
We believe in honesty and simplicity. Our pricing is straightforward, with no hidden fees or surprises.
Nationwide Network
With a vast network of recovery agents strategically positioned across the UK, help is always just a call away, no matter where you are.
Unlimited Callouts
Emergencies don't follow a schedule, and neither do we. Call us anytime, day or night, for immediate assistance.
Car Hire
In cases where roadside assistance doesn’t end up in full repair your vehicle needs to be sent to repair centres, in these cases we arrange for car hire if selected on sign-up.
Vehicle-Centric Approach
Our breakdown cover extends to the vehicle, not just the driver. So whoever's behind the wheel can count on us for help.

Your Environmentally Minded Travel Companion

We're your reliable companion on the open road, ensuring your campervan or motorhome adventures are stress-free and unforgettable. Whether you're cruising stunning coastlines, exploring hidden gems, or embarking on epic cross-country escapades, we’ll keep you on your journey wherever you are and take pleasure in knowing every recovery’s mileage and carbon footprint is accounted for in our net-zero breakdown that invests in carbon offsetting initiatives equal to the emissions of every one of our recovery vehicles, ensuring your long term access to our beautiful environments and landscapes.

We cover all travellers and their vehicles from departure to arrival. Below is a breakdown of the main vehicles covered under this policy:

Your environmentally minded travel companion

Motorhome Breakdowns

Your pride and joy, a self-contained home on wheels. That's your motorhome! These spacious vehicles are typically built on a truck chassis and come equipped with all the amenities you'd expect in a home, including kitchens, bathrooms, sleeping areas, and living spaces. Perfect for longer journeys and those who enjoy maximum comfort on the road. Compliment your motorhome insurance with our carbon-conscious breakdown covering motorhome owners through the length and breadth of the UK and EU, day and night.

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Campervan Breakdowns

The distinguished campervan commonly built atop a van transformed into a cosy travel companion. While smaller than motorhomes, the manoeuvrability of campervans offers better fuel efficiency giving you more travel options on a budget. Since they typically include basic amenities like sleeping areas, cooking facilities, and storage, they are ideal for weekend getaways or impromptu adventurous road trips on a whim. With little planning, anything can happen along the way and we know this, our customised breakdown facility provides campervan owners with cover for all the likely vehicle failures they may experience on your excursion, leaving you with one less reason to stay home this weekend, even for a single trip if needed.

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Caravan Breakdown Assistance

Unlike motorhomes and campervans, caravans are unique because they’re typically towed behind your day-to-day vehicle or even a campervan or motorhome. Their versatile nature makes them ideal to offer a spacious and comfortable living area that is not necessarily your actual vehicle. Caravans are a great option for those who already own a suitable vehicle and want a more affordable mobile home solution with a decent breakdown cover. With us caravans are covered as part of all our cover levels as they are classed as towed attachments to vehicles. Be sure to mention your caravan when signing up for any of our breakdown cover options.

Breakdown with Caravan Cover

Simple no-tricks pricing

Campervan & Motorhome

No matter the camper, or how you use it, you are covered with our bespoke breakdown membership, ensuring no unfortunate surprises in the event of a breakdown.

What's included

  • Excess options are available, but not essential.

  • Home Start.

  • Cover for punctures and flat tyres**.

  • Cover anywhere throughout the United Kingdom.

  • Cover in any EU member state country plus Switzerland and Norway.

  • Includes extended hire car, overnight accommodation and onward travel options.*

  • Unlimited callouts during the year of membership.

  • Over 3,000 recovery agents nationally.

  • Our Complete memberships cover the vehicle, not the individual, meaning whoever is driving the vehicle at the time of a breakdown is eligible to call us for assistance.

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From as little as:

£75.84 /year

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Complement your campervan or motorhome insurance policy with one of our top-rated breakdown cover memberships and enjoy roadside recovery peace of mind whether you're exploring the outskirts of the United Kingdom or destinations in Europe.


From: £75.84 /year

A high quality, low cost solution, ensuring you will be covered in every eventuality.

  • Unlimited callouts
  • Roadside assistance
  • Local recovery
  • National recovery
  • Home start
  • Onward travel option
  • Lockout cover
  • Misfuel cover
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From: £109.94 /year

Added surety of European Travel, makes for a complete service.

  • Unlimited callouts
  • Roadside assistance
  • Local recovery
  • National recovery
  • Home start
  • Onward travel option
  • European travel
  • Lockout cover
  • Misfuel cover
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What are you covered for?

Roadside Assistance

In the event your vehicle suffers a breakdown more than 1/4 mile from your home address, we will instruct a recovery operative to attend the scene, and you will be provided with up to 1 hour of roadside assistance to try and get your vehicle moving again.

Local Recovery

If a recovery operator is unable to mobilise your vehicle, or carry out a temporary repair, we will recover you up to 25 miles to the nearest garage which is able to affect a repair.

National Recovery

An extension upon our Local Recovery. If a recovery operator is unable to mobilise your vehicle at the roadside or home address, we shall decide and recover the vehicle to either a suitable garage, your home address or your destination. One of the above options will be arranged by our experienced team with all factors taken into consideration, such as, but not exhaustive to; the time of day, type of repair required, number of passengers, your location.

Home Start

If your vehicle is immobilised at the home address, or within 1/4 mile of the home address, we shall instruct a recovery operator to attend the scene of the breakdown and provide Roadside Assistance and/or National Recovery in line with the above.

Onward Travel

If your vehicle is recovered to a garage, and they are unable to repair the vehicle on the same working day as recovery taking place, we shall reimburse the cost of alternative road or rail travel for the driver and up to 6 passengers to one destination within the territorial limits of this membership. This will also include a return journey for one person to collect the vehicle upon completion of repairs.*

Hire Car

If your vehicle is recovered to a garage, and they are unable to repair the vehicle on the same working day as recovery taking place, we shall reimburse the cost of a suitable hire car for one day up to a maximum of £50.*

Overnight Accommodation

If your vehicle is recovered to a garage, and they are unable to repair the vehicle on the same working day as recovery taking place, we shall reimburse the cost of one night's accommodation, excluding food and drink, for the driver and up to 6 passengers. This is limited to a maximum of £40 per person or £200 for all persons.*

European Cover

Our European extension allows for you to be covered in the following European countries for up to 90 days during your membership, with no one trip exceeding a 30 day period. Please note that if travelling abroad, for cover to be valid, we need to be advised of your travel dates at least 48 hours prior to leaving.

Frequently asked questions

Is breakdown cover for campervans and motorhomes different from regular car breakdown cover?
Yes, breakdown cover specifically designed for campervans and motorhomes typically offers additional benefits like recovery/towing for larger and heavier vehicles, cover for habitation elements (not offered in standard car breakdown cover), and onward travel and accommodation if a breakdown occurs.
How many callouts am I allowed?
Unlimited. No matter the level of cover you opt for you are entitled to an unlimited number of callouts during the term of your membership.
How much does motorhome breakdown cover cost in the UK?
Prices vary depending on the level of cover, vehicle size, and provider. Expect to pay more for a more comprehensive cover and for larger motorhomes.
Do I need a separate breakdown cover for a car towing a caravan?
Not necessarily. With Emergency Assist, no, but some motorhome breakdown policies may not include cover for towing a caravan. Check the cover details to confirm details such as weight restrictions and the likes to be sure.
What are some factors to consider when choosing a motorhome breakdown cover?
  • Level of cover needed (roadside assistance only vs. comprehensive)
  • Vehicle size and weight limits
  • European travel needs
  • Excess (the amount you pay towards a claim)
  • Customer reviews and the reputation of the provider
What's not typically covered by motorhome breakdown cover?
Feel free to take a closer look at our membership documents for greater detail, but in short:
  • Damage caused by accidents or wear and tear
  • Damage not resulting in immobilisation (i.e. cooking facilities, heating/air conditioning, etc.)
  • Breakdown due to driver negligence (e.g., running out of fuel)
  • Recovery from non-public roads