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Emergency Assist Ltd | Motor Breakdown Cover

Broken Down?

Give our team a call

Whether you have a membership or not, we can help. Call our team on 01945 586 228 where our dedicated team are ready to assist.

Had an accident?

If you wish to report an accident, or require recovery as a result of an accident, please call 0330 660 0109.


We are proud to support local and national community projects and charities

What is our Emergency Assist Community Fund?

Here at Emergency Assist we like to give something back, by donating to local and national community projects and charities, to assist with the excellent work they are doing and improving people's lives. For 2018 we have chosen a local community project along with two nationally recognised charities that will all benefit from our community fund which will be distributed throughout the year. For more information about each of the recipients please see below.

Progressive Supranuclear Palsy Association (PSPA)

PSP Association (PSPA) is a national charity providing support and information to people living with PSP and CBD, while funding research into treatments and ultimately a cure. Their mission is to improve the lives of everyone affected by PSP and CBD, while funding research to seek a cure.

  • Promote and fund research to understand the causes of PSP and CBD, improve diagnosis, develop new treatments and ultimately find a cure.
  • Provide everyone affected by PSP and CBD with information and support to enable them to lead the best life they can.
  • Raise awareness of PSP and CBD, particularly with decision-makers and health professionals, so that they recognise the conditions and have the skills and knowledge to help those affected access the right services at the right time.

For more information about PSPA please visit

Rethink Mental Illness

Rethink Mental Illness help millions of people affected by mental illness by challenging attitudes, changing lives. Below is just a selection about what they do;

  • Directly support almost 60,000 people every year across England to get through crises, to live independently and to realise they are not alone. And we change attitudes and policy for millions.
  • Provide expert, accredited advice and information to everyone affected by mental health problems. They give people clear, relevant information on everything from treatment and care to benefits and employment rights. Rethink were the first mental health charity to gain the Information Standard for their trusted and relevant information.
  • Rethink have over 200 mental health services and 150 support groups across England. From psychological therapies and Crisis and Recovery Houses to peer support groups and housing services, they directly help thousands of people every year across England.
  • Campaign nationally for policy change, and locally for the support people need. Rethink have changed the law to improve life for millions of people with mental health problems and are changing public attitudes through the Time to Change campaign, which they lead in partnership with Mind.

For more information about Rethink Mental Illness please visit

F.C. Parson Drove

F.C. Parson Drove a local football club in the Cambridgeshire area which provides and encourages the development of football at all levels with the emphasis on giving priority to local residents;

  • Rejuvenation of facilities for the local community including floodlight installation, clubhouse renovation and pitch enhancement
  • Development and inclusion of youth and female teams in addition to the first team and reserve structure to aid the community in developing local talent
  • Develop players of all ages and genders, not just as footballers, but as responsible individuals with an awareness of the responsibilities to each other and the community

For more information about F.C. Parson Drove please visit