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Emergency Assist Ltd | Motor Breakdown Cover

Broken Down?

Give our team a call

Whether you have a membership or not, we can help. Call our team on 01945 586 228 where our dedicated team are ready to assist.

Had an accident?

If you wish to report an accident, or require recovery as a result of an accident, please call 0330 660 0109.

Members Portal

looking after our members.

Membership wording

To view our membership wording which applies to all levels of membership we offer, click the button below to view.

Change your details

If you are looking to change your vehicle, address or name, you’ve come to the right place.

Received a renewal code? Click here to enter and renew your membership

Renewal Queries

Will you notify me when my membership is due for renewal?

Yes. We will email you approximately 3 weeks before your renewal is due to inform you of the price we can offer for the forthcoming year.

Will you automatically renew my membership?

Where possible we look to automatically renew memberships in line with the terms and conditions we advise at the point of purchasing the membership initially. If you are unsure as to whether we will look to automatically renew your membership, please call our team on 01945 586202 who will advise you accordingly.

If I do not wish for my membership to automatically renew how do I stop this?

Simply call us on 01945 586202 where we will happily remove this.

If my card details have changed from last year how do I inform you?

If you wish to update the card details we hold on file, please call us on 01945 586202 where we can update them and ensure continuous cover.

What if my details have changed or I wish to adjust my renewal?

Our team of dedicated staff can happily assist you with this. Just call them on 01945 586202.

Will my renewal quote be cheaper than last year?

We love to reward our members. That’s why at renewal we offer competitive discounts to reward your membership, irrespective of whether you have had a request for assistance or not.

Will a 48 hour inception period apply at the start of my renewal?

No. As your membership will be a renewal, this runs on continuously from your previous cover, thus ensuring seamless cover in the event of a breakdown.

My membership last year had additional options included. Will these be included in my renewal?

Yes. Any additional options you chose when you bought the membership will be included in the renewal quotation provided, and the price broken down accordingly to show this.

Renewal Contact